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About TEKS Resource System...

The TEKS Resource System is a systemic, online K-12 curriculum management system designed, maintained, and revised by a team that represents all areas in the state. The content includes curriculum and assessment components aligned to the most current versions of the State Board of Education-adopted Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  This multi-faceted system includes three components operating seamlessly together:

  • Curriculum and Assessment
  • Professional Development
  • Innovative Technology
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Need Help?
Jerard Lafuente
Education Specialist
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E: jlafuente@esc17.net
Michelle Hilton
Coordinator, Teaching and Learning
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E: mhilton@esc17.net
Jerard Lafuente
TEKS Resource System/
ELAR Secondary Specialist

P: 806-281-5878
Sabrina Blankenship
Social Studies Specialist
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Julie Rogers
K-2 Specialist
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Heather Tekell
Math Specialist 3-12
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Resources and Activities Collection...

The TEKS Resource System, in collaboration with the twenty Texas Education Service Centers, has created a collection of resources and activities aligned to the individual units in the TEKS Resource System.  The intention is to provide additional support to educators for synchronous and asynchronous learning environments by offering the TRS Resources and Activities Collection as well as Education Service Center Support.

Contact your Administrator for your districts' Login Credentials. 

*Keep in mind, this page is password protected*

Tools You Can Use...
(Year-At-A-Glance) - Take this planner and map out each six-week period.  Adjust your instructional time according to the events occurring at your campus and district.  The planner is interactive and as you map out each six-week period, the Year-at-a-glance calculates the true instructional days you have for each six weeks.  No surprises when you plan.
This unit planner takes the mystery out of the Instructional Focus Document (IFD).  As you walk through the Conceptual Planner, you will come to a better understanding of what students are expected to understand and what your instruction can look like within that unit.
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Would you like to see teachers planning engaging, flexible lessons Utilizing Resources and Instructional Materials that are TEKS-Aligned?

Would you like teachers to use knowledge of students’ strengths and weakness to address Potential Gaps Caused by COVID?

Would you like to see teachers Address Pacing of Instruction based on Student Progress and Needs?

Want to improve Teachers’ Knowledge and Skills in the Use of Formative Assessments?

Would you like to see Teachers Possess a Strong and Accurate Understanding of Content and Standards?

Do you want to Increase Student Engagement by using diverse methods and techniques during classroom instruction?

Would you like to Ensure Assessments are TEKS-Aligned and at the Appropriate Depth and Complexity to better inform instruction?

Would you like to Improve the Fidelity with which your district implements the TEKS Resource System components?
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