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Fine Arts for all Students
A Quick Reference for Students with Special Needs

The purpose of this publication is to help fine arts teachers provide improved educational experiences for students with identified special needs. These students come to fine arts classes with Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) that sometimes contain terminology that is unfamiliar to fine arts teachers. This document can help fine arts teachers translate IEPs into classroom practices to ensure that students with special needs demonstrate the Fine Arts TEKS.

Introduction to the TEKS for 2015-2016

Presented by the University of Texas College of Fine Arts and the Texas Cultural Trust in cooperation with the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts, there are slide presentations available for introduction to the TEKS for 2015-2016 for Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre. 
You can find these presentations at cedfa.org under the new TEKS 2015 tab.

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Syd Sexton