Lesson Study
Research. Reflect. Refine.
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Heather Sherrill

Education Specialist, Lesson Study



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Lesson Study is a professional development practice in which teachers:

  • collaborate to develop a lesson plan,
  • teach and observe the lesson to collect data on student learning, and
  • use their observations to refine their lesson

(Stepanek et al., 2007)

The purpose of lesson study is to improve instruction
The Lesson Study Cycle

Lesson Study:

  • Improves teacher effectiveness through self-reflective, outcome-oriented, research-based learning communities

  • Changes school culture as teachers develop a common language by collectively identifying and tackling problems.

  • Increases public awareness of the teaching profession by producing high-quality research based documents similar to those from the medical and legal professions.


How does Lesson Study compare to traditional professional development?

Traditional PD versus Lesson Study

The Lesson Study model is centered on improving teaching, not the teacher.




What is the most important benefit of lesson study? You develop the eyes to see children.

Does Lesson Study Connect to T-TESS?

Snapshot of T-TESS alignment to Lesson Study
Texas Gateway

Texas Gateway contains Lesson Study lessons and videos created by other Texas teacher groups. Create an account to view the full content.



Lesson Study Articles





"Leading Lesson Study: A Practical Guide
for Teachers and Facilitators" 
by Jennifer Stepanek et al.




"Lesson Study Step by Step: How Teacher 
Learning Communities Improve Instruction" 
by Catherine C. Lewis and Jacqueline Hurd

Leading Lesson Study: A Practical Guide for Teachers and Facilitators
Lesson Study Step by Step

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