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About this project...

In collaboration with Texas Education Agency/Sensory Support Network/ESC17/TWU, a Texas grant is offered to train presently certified teachers to become Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing in the State of Texas. The express goal is to increase the number of certified teachers of the deaf, especially in dire needs areas across the state.

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Tonya Gary
Educational Specialist
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Brief Grant Summary...

Texas Woman’s University will offer 6-9 graduate courses during their regularly scheduled semesters:

  • 1 course Summer 2024: ASL  (if needed)
  • 2-3 courses Fall 2024: COMS 5103 Educational Audiology and Listening Supports, COMS 5663 Strategies for Supporting Language Development in Deaf Education, ASL  (if needed)
  • 2-3 courses Spring 2025: COMS 5093 History, Policies and Trends in Deaf Education, COMS 5143 Classroom Assessment and Access to Print Literacy in Deaf Education, ASL  (if needed)
  • 2 courses Summer 2025: COMS 5083 Differentiating Communication Across Deaf Education Settings COMS 5303 Differentiating Instruction Across Deaf Education Settings
Texas Grant Requirements...
  • Completion of a bachelor's degree & Texas teacher certification 
  • Prefer minimum 3 years teaching experience
  • Mandatory Orientation JUNE 13-15, 2024 in Denton, TX 
  • Each applicant must secure sponsorship from an educational entity (e.g., RDSPD, school district, charter school, Shared Service Arrangement) and maintain sponsorship throughout the program
  • Intermediate sign language skills OR TWU ASL course(s) as determined by CODE administrators
  • High speed internet with webcam and microphone
  • Within 6 months of completion, taking the TExES 181 DHH certification exam through the TEA teacher certification website (Not affiliated with TWU or Esc17; Fee Required)
  • Within 12 months of completion, taking the Texas Assessment of Sign Communication - TASC* (Fee Required)
  • Upon completion of the program, accepting a job with the sponsoring entity or another school entity and remaining in the field of DHH for two years minimum**
Grant Admission Process...
  1. Qualified individuals will go to the ESC 17 website to fill out the Grant application beginning January 26, 2024
  2. Items needed:
    • General information
    • $50 application fee
    • Introductory video
    • Letter of intent
    • Letter of recommendation from 2 school administrators
    • Copy of teaching certificate
    • Indication of sponsorship or probable sponsorship entity
  3. Application window will close on March 25th, 2024, at midnight.
What is Provided Through the Grant by ESC-17?
  • Tuition costs for graduate courses
  • Books or stipend for books
  • Travel reimbursement for Orientation in Denton, TX, June 2024
  • Face to face meetings each semester to provide support and assistance
  • Opportunities to meet RDSPD staff and people within the DHH field
  • Support of former cohort members working in the DHH field through one-on-one or small group mentoring, finding local contacts, providing resources, and sharing training opportunities
Grant Selection Process...
  • A Project CODE selection committee will decide applicant acceptance.
  • The Selection Committee will meet, score, and discuss potential candidates. Telephone or ZOOM interviews may be used during this process.
  • Important elements are whether the individual has a strong sponsorship, good work ethic, the local area of need, sign skills or commitment to sign skills, and administrative recommendations.
  • Applicants will be notified by ESC-17 either way on April 5,2024.
  • If selected, the scholar will then apply to Texas Woman’s University. There is a $50 application fee (self-pay). TWU will need a certified copy of college transcripts. TWU will help students register for correct courses and provide support for academic assignments.

We are requiring a sponsoring entity for this Grant. This may be an RDSPD, a public school, a charter school, a School District, or a Shared Service Arrangement. The sponsoring entity will:

  • Verify a need for a DHH teacher in their area
  • Allow the graduate student access to observation and training opportunities of up to three full days without penalty
  • Work with the graduate student to secure a job after completion of the program

An entity may sponsor more than one student as long as the need is justified by position shortages that the sponsoring entity can reasonably fill.

Grant Conditions...
  • * We will highly encourage all applicants to attain signing abilities and take the TASC. If the sponsoring entity is a small/rural area or can show evidence of the express need for an Itinerant teacher, the TASC requirement will be left to the discretion of the sponsoring entity. All other students should prepare for and commit to taking the TASC within 12 months of completion of the program.

  • ** Upon completion of the program, students must maintain employment within the field of DHH for a minimum of two years or they may be required to repay the cost of tuition for the program. 
Project CODE...
In collaboration with Texas Education Agency/Sensory Support Network/ESC17/TWU, a Texas grant is offered to train presently certified teachers to become Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing in the State of Texas.
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