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About Region 17...
Region 17 Education Service Center is one of twenty regional service organizations that were created by actions of the Texas Legislature and the Texas State Board of Education in 1967. The centers are non-regulatory and each provides an array of services to support school administration and instruction. District participation in services is voluntary. The Education Service Center, Region 17's purpose is to serve school districts as defined in three directives:


  • To facilitate increasing student performance
  • To enable school districts to operate more efficiently and economically
  • To implement state education initiatives
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Public school districts included within Region 17 are located on the South Plains of West Texas, sometimes referred to as the Llano Estacado (Staked Plains). Lubbock, Texas, is the center of commerce and is the largest city in the area with a population of more than 197,000. Our school districts have diversified agricultural economies based upon agriculture production, manufacturing, distribution of goods, and production of oil and natural gas. The area also has an increasingly expanding medical and allied health based economy. There are four-year universities in the area; these institutions also offer graduate degree programs. In addition, there are several community colleges in our region.
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  • Region 17 offers a wide variety of professional development and technical assistance services in the following areas:

    • Curriculum/Instruction
    • Accountability
    • Student Services
    • Technology
    • Business/Student Information Systems
    • Child Nutrition

    In addition, Region 17 annually applies for the following federal and state grants/contracts from the Texas Education Agency:

    • IDEA-B Basic Technical Assistance and Support Services Consolidated
    • IDEA-B Nontraditional Deaf Education Certification
    • IDEA-B Preschool
    • IDEA-B Sensory Impairments
    • IDEA-B Special Education ESC Liaison
    • Statewide Services for Students with Visual Impairments (SSVI)
    • Non-Educational Community Based Support Services
    • Lesson Study
    • State Base
    • Gifted/Talented State
    • Math Academies
    • ESSA Basic/Technical Assistance
    • Title III English Language Arts (ELA)
    • Title I, Part C Migrant
    • Career and Technology (CTE)
    • Comprehensive
    • Texas Instructional Leadership
    • CTE Shared Services Arrangement
    • Migrant Shared Services Arrangement
    • Title III ELA Shared Services Arrangement
    • School Improvement Facilitation
    • Capacity Building
    • Title II, Part A
    • Title IV, Part A
    • Cohort Management
    • Texas EcosySTEM
    • Equity Plan
    • ESSER Technical Assistance
    • IM Portal
    • Texas Home Learning ESC Plan

    If you have comments on any of these services or grants, please use the link below.

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