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Purchasing Made Simple
The Lone Star Purchasing Cooperative provides cooperative purchasing opportunities for school districts and other governmental entities within Region 17. School districts that have signed the Region 17 ESC Lone Star Purchasing Cooperative Inter-local Agreement now have a simplified process for purchasing fuel, office and school supplies, and sporting equipment and turf. These districts are automatically members of the ESC 17 partner purchasing cooperatives such as TCPN (The Cooperative Purchasing Network) and TIPS (The Inter-local Purchasing System).  Access to these cooperatives further expands the purchasing power for each local district. The Inter-local Agreement is part of the Contract Services packet that is provided to district's each spring. 
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Each of these purchasing cooperatives (TCPN and TIPS) has an office and school supply bid already in place and easily accessible. An analysis of the current bids for these cooperatives indicates that most items are comparable in quality and price and can be purchased as needed through the individual on-line ordering systems. An additional discount is offered on the top 100 items ordered by the district. Discounts for volume purchases are also available. All vendors available through these partner cooperatives have already been through the bid process and are awarded vendors. No additional procurement processes are required.
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Purchasing Tips
The Lone Star Purchasing Co-op provides the avenue to make any size purchase without additional procurement procedures. However, in order to have a clear audit trail and receive the best possible pricing, districts must include the vendor contract number from the awarded entity such as TCPN or TIPS. 

TCPN has provided a quick reference tool to assist districts in having this information readily available for all purchase order documentation. The link below provides an alphabetical listing of all current TCPN vendors. This list may change from time to time with the addition of Vendors. Check the TCPN Website for updates. Unless otherwise indicated in the vendor section of the TCPN Website [www.tcpn.org] Purchase Orders should be sent directly to the vendor. Instructions, addresses, specific contract details and due diligence documentation are all contained in that section of the TCPN Website.

TCPN Vendor Contract Numbers: Click Here

When you use TCPN or TIPS Vendors, please make sure that on the Purchase Order [either in the Notes to Vendor block, or in the block where the purchased item is listed] the following is printed: "Per _____ Contract No. XXXXX" (where you replace the _____ with the Vendor Co-op name). This ensures that you get the best price under that contract.

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