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Complex Access Needs (CAN) Webpage

Texas Complex Access Network (TxCAN) is a Special Education component of Texas Education Agency (TEA)
TxCAN is dedicated to raising awareness of the limitless potential of students with significant cognitive disabilities. 
It’s all about presuming competence and finding the most appropriate supports to provide connection, access, and increased opportunities.  
mission of TxCAN is to put effective, evidence-based tools and strategies
into the hands of teachers, and parents, to help them on their journey.
In Region 17, contact Deanne Goen, Education Specialist, for consultation and support.

  photo of Deanne Goen photo of Evelyn Gilson Deanne Goen Evelyn Gilson (806) 281-5712 (806) 281-5867
  (806) 281-5764 (fax) (806) 281-5764 (fax)
  deannegoen@esc17.net  egilson@esc17.net 

RESOURCES for Serving Students with Complex Needs 
  •  TEKS Resource System logo TEKS Resource System information

~ CAN Training Opportunities for SY 2021-2022 ~

CAN PLC meets 5 times for research-based, TEA-approved trainingMATERIALS GIVE-AWAYS!!






1.   813432

South C

Sep 8, 2021

9 – 4

9 - 12     CAN Materials, Resources, Support, Training
1 – 4      The 3 C’s of Behavior Management
a TxCAN course (3 by Dec to attend CAN Institute)

2.   813452

South C

Nov 10, 2021
click date to register

9 – 4

9 - 4      A Step Toward IEP Quality & Rigor
             a TxCAN course (3 by Dec to attend CAN Institute)

3.   813468

South C

Jan 12, 2022
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9 – 4

9 - 4     We CAN Read
             Literacy Materials, Strategies & Training

4.   813475

South C

Mar 9, 2022
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9 – 4

9 - 12    CAN Materials, Resources, Support, Training
1 - 4      Beyond Time & Money:  Teaching Math
              a TxCAN course

5.   813479

South C

May 11, 2022
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9 – 4

9 - 12   CAN Materials, Resources, Support, Training
1 - 4     Building an Authentic Academic Response
            a TxCAN course

~ Additional CAN Training Opportunities in SY 21-22 ~

Click Title to Register
Oct 20, 2021
9 - 4
We CAN Communicate 828945 Rogers
Nov 17, 2021
9 - 12
STAAR Alt 2 Training
828965 South C
Dec 8, 2021
9 -12
STAAR Alt 2:  Before, During & After the Assessment - a TxCAN course for all CAN Teachers 829497 South A
Mar 1, 2022
9 - 12
STAAR Alt 2 Late-Breaking Updates & Overview 828974 South F


  • Provide technical assistance and consultation to school staff and/or parents who have students with complex needs (moderate-severe cognitive disability, multiple disabilities, medically fragile, deafblindness)
  • Provide curriculum training and resources to support instructional services to students with complex needs
  • Provide classroom materials on loan or preview basis which will support instructional goals for students with complex needs
  • Staff development to enhance abilities of school personnel to meet individual needs of students with complex needs
  • Support to school personnel on implementation of inclusive strategies for students with complex needs
  • Coaching support for learning and implementing evidence-based practices for students with complex needs
  • Support to understand and create individualized and evidence-based documents of the IEP for students with complex needs
  • Training and support for implementing appropriate accommodations and modifications for the individualized needs of students with complex needs
  • Training and support for selecting and using appropriate assistive technology that supports students with complex needs in accessing the general curriculum
  • First Things First! - 3 important things to know before instructional planning begins
     What are each student's 
     1.  Communication Mode(s)?  Assess with the free online Communication Matrix to identify communication mode(s).
     2.  Functioning Level?  Assess with the book Functional Scheme Assessment to identify functioning level.  [Ask CAN Specialist]
     3.  Curriculum Areas in TEKS Resources System?  Locate the appropriate areas to access in TEKS RS.  Ask district for login info.

  • Instructional Planning Process - for students with complex needs
    CAN Instructional Planning Road Map
    - Specially-Designed Instruction - a guide from TEA
    - TEKS ladder graphic- example of how to use prerequisite skills for accessing grade level TEKS

  • Instructional Style - embed Active Learning in all instructional activities
    - Active Learning is the research-based best practice recommendation for teaching students with complex needs.
    Active Learning Space - website with introduction to AL, ideas, & resources
    Active Learning - free, on-demand E-Learning courses:  INSTRUCTIONS FOR REGISTRATION
    Scroll down on the instructions page to see the list of 7 Active Learning courses to access.  They include:
    - Principles of
    - Functional Scheme
    - Program Planning
      - Implementation
      - Documenting Progress
      - Equipment
      - Selecting Materials
  • Standards, Curriculum, & Supporting Products - what to use for students with complex needs
    TEKS = the standards for all Texas students
       For essence statements & prerequisite skills used to access grade level TEKS, see the following TEA resources.
               TEKS Vertical Alignment Documents
               TEKS Curriculum Framework Documents
               Birth - Grade 2 Vertical Alignments

    TEKS Resource System = the curriculum resource, including scope & sequence, for all Texas students
    supporting products = all other products from various education-based companies that support our curriculum
               There are many quality, research-based products available with excellent ideas, materials, & resources. 
           Some are free, some have a fee, & some require purchase.  Educational products of every kind, including
         those called "curriculum", are still products, and should be selected knowledgeably and with intention for 
         instructional planning and instructional activities that access grade level TEKS and purposely serve to work
         toward IEP goals & objectives on the student's functioning level.  Use supporting products to enrich
         planning and activities for the student's individual needs, not to replace access to the student's grade level