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Texas Complex Access Network (TxCAN) is a Special Education component of Texas Education Agency (TEA).  TxCAN is dedicated to raising awareness of the limitless potential of students with significant cognitive disabilities.  It’s all about presuming competence and finding the most appropriate supports to provide connection, access, and increased opportunities.  The mission of TxCAN is to put effective, evidence-based tools and strategies into the hands of teachers, and parents, to help them on their journey.  In Region 17, contact Deanne Goen, Education Specialist, for consultation and support.  (contact information below)

RESOURCES for Serving Students with Complex Needs 
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  • Provide technical assistance and consultation to school staff and/or parents who have students with complex needs (moderate-severe cognitive disability, multiple disabilities, medically fragile, deafblindness)
  • Provide curriculum training and resources to support instructional services to students with complex needs
  • Provide classroom materials on loan or preview basis which will support instructional goals for students with complex needs
  • Staff development to enhance abilities of school personnel to meet individual needs of students with complex needs
  • Support to school personnel on implementation of inclusive strategies for students with complex needs
  • Coaching support for learning and implementing evidence-based practices for students with complex needs
  • Support to understand and create individualized and evidence-based documents of the IEP for students with complex needs
  • Training and support for implementing appropriate accommodations and modifications for the individualized needs of students with complex needs
  • Training and support for selecting and using appropriate assistive technology that supports students with complex needs in accessing the general curriculum

ESC Contacts:
photograph of Deanne Goen
Deanne Goen
Education Specialist - BVI, CAN, STAAR Alt 2
(806) 281-5712
(806) 281-5764 (fax)


Evelyn Gilson
Evelyn Gilson
Support Staff
(806) 281-5867
(806) 281-5764 (fax)