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To dial ESC Staff Members directly, please use the numbers listed below.
Accountability & Compliance Services
Name Title Phone Email
Carthel, Anne Education Specialist, Alternative Certification Specialist 281-5869
Duncan, Ty Coordinator, Accountability & Compliance Services 281-5832
Holcombe, Camie Education Specialist, Federal Programs 281-5808
Juarez, Andrea Education Specialist, Migrant, Federal Programs 281-5888
Lane, Shauna Education Specialist, School Improvement, Counselor Solutions 281-5862
Maddox, Madalyn Support Staff, Accountability & Compliance Services 281-5825
Saldana, Antonio Education Specialist, Migrant 281-5882
Rodriguez, Francisco Education Specialist, ACE, Migrant 281-5890
Sexton, Syd Education Specialist, School Improvement 281-5807
Vieregge, Marilyn Education Specialist, Migrant 281-5886
Name Title Phone Email
Wargo, Kyle Executive Director 281-5852
Warren, Phil Field Service Agent 281-5708
Weaks, Debbie Support Staff, Administration 281-5866
Logan, Deanna Associate Executive Director of Educational Services 281-5892
Holcomb, Mark Field Service Agent 281-5711
Goodlett, Diane Assistant to the Executive Director 281-5852
Arredondo, JoAnn Support Staff, Administration 281-5854
Blount, Wayne Associate Executive Director of Administrative Services 281-5846
Adult Education
Name Title Phone Email
Alexander, Martha Educational Aide, Adult Education 281-5755
Fehoko, Linda Adult Education Specialist 281-5753
Morgan, Larry Adult Education Specialist 281-5759
Vasquez, Aracely Support Staff, Adult Education 281-5750
Business Office
Name Title Phone Email
Underwood, LouAnn Support Staff, Accounts Payable 281-5801
Weatherly, Brook Chief Accountant 281-5837
Wright, Kerry Chief Financial Officer 281-5845
McNeal, Nancy Accountant II 281-5826
Rosales, Jennifer Support Staff, Personnel & Business Office 281-5848
Business Services/Information Management Systems
Name Title Phone Email
Nevill, Carissa Student Information Management Specialist 281-5834
Prater, Brenda Support Staff, Information Management Systems 281-5713
Mills, Cindy Student Data Specialist 281-5824
Moreno, Rachel Student Information Management Specialist 281-5740
Long, Bryan Technology Information Management Specialist 281-5709
Loveless, Mary Ann Student Information Management Specialist 281-5813
Johnston, Karen Business Services Accountant 281-5821
Lang, Randa Business Information Management Specialist 281-5749
Heatwole, Tiffany Business Services Accountant 281-5748
Boldes, Beverly Business Services Accountant 281-5714
Williams, Betty Business Information Management Specialist 281-5741
Wooten, Sharla Business Data Specialist 281-5822
Voit, Carol Coordinator, Business Services, Information Management Systems 281-5800
Vera, Chris Senior Specialist, Data Collection and Student Accounting 281-5843
Tanner, Tracey Business Information Management Specialist 281-5819
Child Nutrition & Purchasing
Name Title Phone Email
Albus, Katherine Child Nutrition Specialist 281-5809
Chapman, Karen Child Nutrition Specialist 281-5885
Hays, Tricia Coordinator, Child Nutrition 281-5835
Glenn, Dorothy Lead Purchasing Specialist, West TX Food Service Coop 281-5710
Moreno, Tarrah Child Nutrition Specialist 281-5811
Ramos, Sandra Support Staff, Child Nutrition & Purchasing 281-5707
Sauceda, Agnes Support Staff, Child Nutrition & Purchasing 281-5803
Creative Corner
Name Title Phone Email
De Leon, Maria Media Clerk 281-5839
Curriculum Services
Name Title Phone Email
Castro, Misty Education Specialist, Eduphoria/Instructional Technology 281-5805
Blazier, Sarah Lesson Study Facilitator 281-5877
Sedberry, Michelle Education Specialist, K-12 Science 281-5829
Sedillo, Virginia Support Staff, Curriculum Services 281-5816
Sherrill, Heather Education Specialist, Math 281-5893
Lafuente, Jerard Education Specialist, TEKS Resource System 281-5878
Julian, Carol Education Specialist, Math 281-5831
Thornton, Janet Education Specialist, Social Studies/Eduphoria 281-5881
Trigo, Debbie Support Staff, Curriculum Services 281-5856
Whittenburg, Kristin Coordinator, Curriculum Services 281-5884
Name Title Phone Email
Lane, Leon Facilities Supervisor 281-5849
Hogue, Randy Building Maintenance 281-5814
Literacy & Special Programs
Name Title Phone Email
Hilton, Michelle Coordinator, Literacy & Special Programs 281-5842
De Leon, Jennifer Education Specialist, PBMAS 281-5889
Blount, Heather Education Specialist, Career & Technology Education 281-5817
Cedillo, Janie Support Staff, Literacy & Special Programs 281-5830
Castillo, Soyla Education Specialist, Title III, Bilingual, ESL 281-5858
Reeves, Greg Education Specialist, ELA, GT, AA 281-5818
Padilla, Annie Support Staff, Literacy & Special Programs 281-5873
Wheeler, Kyna Education Specialist, Literacy 281-5841
Smith, Monica Education Specialist, Reading 281-5844
DeSantiago, Elda Education Specialist, Bilingual, ESL, Title III, Dyslexia 281-5858
Student Support
Name Title Phone Email
Tice, Mamie Education Specialist, TCDD Families in Schools, Early Childhood Access to the General Curriculum 281-5804
Parks, Liz Education Specialist, Evaluation, Low-Incidence Disabilities, Secondary Transition 281-5876
Phillips, Anna Coordinator, Student Support 281-5891
Reinhart, Alma Support Staff, Student Support 281-5701
Skeen, Laura Education Specialist, Deaf Education Certification Program 281-5875
Knox, Margo Special Education Liaison 281-5872
Murillo, Kasey Education Specialist, Student Support Services 281-5880
Neill, Diane Liaison for Parent Involvement 281-5874
Cerda, Mari Educational Specialist, Autism, Inclusion, Parent Involvement 281-5859
Cervantes, Angie Liaison for Parent Involvement 281-5870
Estrada, Amy Education Specialist, Deaf Education 281-5871
Goen, Deanne Education Specialist, Visual Impairment & Special Education Instruction 281-5712
Gilson, Evelyn Support Staff, Student Support 281-5867
Holligan, Alicia Education Specialist for Student Support Services 281-5879
Name Title Phone Email
Gossett, Chris Technology Specialist 281-5706
Davis, Matt Technology Specialist 281-5716
Davis, Todd Coordinator, Technology 281-5887
Saenz, Kory Technology Specialist 281-5747
Richardson, Michael Network Specialist 281-5827
Plumlee, Kyle Network Specialist 281-5851
Vaughn, Rex Video Network Specialist 281-5860
Villanueva, Lora Support Staff, Technology 281-5802
Underwood Law Firm
Name Title Phone Email
Backus, David General Counsel 793-1711
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